Health Services
  • Eden Valley-Watkins School's Health team collaborate with educational and support services within the school to promote student health and maximize student achievement. The District Nurse, Social Workers, and School Counselor work together to provide an array of services. We strive to meet students' physical, social and emotional health needs, as well as promote the health and safety of the entire school community.

    Health Services provided include:

    • First-aid                                                   
    • Vision/Hearing Screening
    • Acute/Chronic Illness Management         
    • Scoliosis Screening
    • Medication Management                         
    • Individualized Health Plans
    • Care Coordination 
    • Managing & Prioritizing Mental Health
    • Developing Social Skills
    • College Planning


    EXCITING NEWS in the Health Office! 

    The Nurse's office implemented a new health information system to document office visits, medication administration, immunizations, and hearing and vision screenings. Although we will call first, you may see communication from the email with a friendly note from us indicating we tried to call if we were unable to reach you or if there is something we need to communicate non-emergently. Please note that health forms must be updated every school year. You can download the Health Information Form and return it to the nurse's office or email to

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  • Stay Up to Date with the Health Office & Subscribe!

    Stay Up to Date with the Health Office & Subscribe!

    Stay in touch and we will update you on the trends we are seeing in health care, our schools, and keep you as up to date as possible so you can stay healthy!

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  • Is My Child Well Enough to Attend School?

    Is My Child Well Enough to Attend School?

    We care about the health and well-being of all of our students. If your child is not feeling well, evaluate their symptoms and use the following guidelines (developed by the Minnesota Department of Health) to decide if they should be sent/kept home from school.

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  • Medications


    For the safety of students, it is recommended that medication be given at home whenever possible. If medication must be given during school hours, we want you to be informed of the following school medication policies.

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  • Immunizations


    Minnesotan students must prove that they are up-to-date with their immunizations or that they are exempt from the requirements for medical reasons or the beliefs of the parent/guardian.

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  • Early Childhood Screening

    Early Childhood Screening

    Early Childhood Screening is a no-cost, quick, and simple assessment of children ages 3.5 to 5 to identify the educational, mental, and health needs of children. ECS is preferred for entrance in Eden Valley-Watkin's School Readiness program and is required for entrance into Kindergarten.

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  • Snack Approved List

    Snack Approved List

    Due to continual changes in manufacturer packaging and processing, please read ingredient labels carefully (even from this list) to ensure that it does not contain any of the following... peanuts/nuts, peanut/nut butter, peanut/nut oil, peanut/nut flour, peanut/nut meal, or any of the statements "May contain traces of peanut/nuts" or "Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts (and/or other nuts)".

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  • Physicals


    Physical examinations are highly recommended yearly but particularly before your child enters kindergarten, 7th grade, and 12th grade.

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  • COVID-19 Policies

    COVID-19 Policies

    We believe that in-person learning is best for learning and overall student well-being. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy place for all students to learn and grow. To ensure the schools remain safe and healthy, the district and school nurse follow the recommendations of the CDC and MDH guidelines for isolation and masking should you or someone in the home be ill or if you have direct exposure to the virus.

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  • End of the School Year Reminders

    Posted by Rachelle Wirtzfeld on 5/24/2024

    Free Vector | Flat end of school illustration

    Just a couple of reminders from the Health Office:

    • All student meds will be sent home Thursday, May 23rd with students UNLESS they are attending Summer School or ESY. Then medications will stay in school to continue taking as is routine for your child or as needed in an emergency.
    • If you have a child who will be in Kindergarten 7th Grade or 12th Grade next year, your child will have immunizations due before the next school year begins. Please make their doctors and nurse appointments now!
    • On that note, immunization records are to be sent to the Health Office. Sports Physicals should be sent to the Athletic Director.
    • Our Assistant Nurse, Rachelle, will not be returning for the 2024-2025 school year. We wish her well! Her position was funded through COVID and those funds have ended. If you have come to value this position like we have and would like to see EV-W continue to have this well-needed support staff, please let your administrators and school board know how you feel. 

    The Health Office is closed over the summer. Please have a happy and healthy summer! I have enjoyed working in the District and seeing first hand how hard our staff work and pour into our children. We are truly blessed here!

    - Rachelle

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