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  • Hello parents and seniors of the graduating class of 2020,

    We are planning to offer a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) event at Eden Valley Secondary school on Monday, December 2nd from 6-7:30pm in the Eden Valley Elementary library.   If you are a parent experiencing sending a child to college for the first time, I recommend you come right at 6 PM. We will be having a Financial Aid advisor coming in from one of the surrounding colleges and will be doing a brief presentation on financial aid. After that, from about 6:15-7:30, we invite parents and students to come to the event to work on their FAFSA.  We hope to have more than one Financial Aid advisor to help assist with questions.

    Our goal will be to help you get your FAFSA completed before you leave the high school that night. 

    Only senior students and their parents can complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA. 

    -Students should attend with at least one parent whose information will be used on the FAFSA.  

       -If the parent can’t attend, the student should still attend and know (or have) his/her social security number(SSN)

       -If the student is unable to attend, the parent must have the student’s SSN since the FAFSA cannot be completed without the student’s SSN

    *FSA ID for student and at least 1 parent

      It is best to have this set up before the event.  Go to https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm  Allow at least 3 days for the FSA ID to be verified with the federal processors

        -If you do not have your FSA ID prior to the event, you should still come-we will help you get that set up on the 23rd.  

    Save Option:  If you attend and start the FAFSA but are unable to complete the process, you can SAVE what you’ve entered for up to 45 days until you have any additional information needed to finish your FAFSA.

    *Tax information-Student and Parent(s)

    -Bring 2018 tax information (federal tax returns)

    -bring 2018 W-2 statement of earnings from all jobs

    -families do have the option of importing their 2018 tax information directly into the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT).  If you choose not to or aren’t able to use the IRS DRT you can use your 2018 tax information to manually enter that information.

    *Other information to bring:  Driver’s license (if student has one), social security number, information on savings, investments and business and farm assets for student and parent, records of untaxed income.  Students should also bring their chromebook in order to complete the FAFSA online. We will have some available to rent out.

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  • EVW Tech Initiative

    In 2017, Eden Valley-Watkins entered into a new phase of technology learning utilizing a Dual Funded BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model at the High School, grades 9-12.  The district’s strategic plan directs that we support technology for all students in a fiscally responsible manner. The Dual Funded BYOD will allow all students access to technology in a way that is affordable to families and financially sustainable for the school district. This decision also allows parents and students to make a personal decision on what device works best for them.

    Further information can be found at this link: Tech Initiative

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  • Welcome to Eden Valley-Watkins School District No. 463

    Home of the Eagles!

    The EVW School District prides itself in having schools that have earned a positive reputation for high standards and rigor with academics, arts, and athletics. We offer outstanding academic programs, career and technical programs, college-in-schools, PSEO as well as a full complement of extracurricular opportunities for our students. The goal of the EVW School District is to provide an educational experience that will prepare our students to successfully compete in the workplace, tech school, college or university. Blessed with an outstanding facility and staff, a first rate faculty, and parent and community support we will deliver on that goal.

    If you have a question or would like a tour please contact Mark Messman, Superintendent at 453-2900 x1143 for assistance.