Eden Valley-Watkins District School Board

  • Annual School Board Goals

    1. Provide a safe, secure, and welcoming environment
    • Documented through surveys and tours by board members
    1. Provide all learners with quality instruction
    • Monitor and report (Local, State, National) assessment progress and performance 
    1. Maintain fiscal responsibility and stability
    • Follow district policy and maintain an 8% fund balance 
    1. Investigate “best practice” behavior and academic interventions (PBIS, RTI & Restorative Justice)
    • Initiate the process with the Staff Development Committee
    1. Explore the potential and cost of improved social media formats
    • Investigate need, cost, and ROI (return on investment) 
    1. Professional Development in PLC’s and a local mentorship program
    • Continued development of PLC’s and Mentorship with the local Staff Development Committee 
    1. Monitor the progress and implementation of the 2013-18 District Strategic Plan
    • Monitor and report on the progress of initiatives and necessary timeframes