• District Chain of Command

    As we start a new school year, I’d like to provide you with some information that will improve communication and eliminate confusion.  Occasionally, we’ll get requests and questions regarding school related concerns or issues, and whom to contact to assist with resolution.

    If faced with school related concerns that need to be addressed or brought to our attention, please follow the diagrammed “Chain-of-Command” below.

    Concern(s)             1st Contact            2nd Contact            3rd Contact   

    Athlete                        Coach                           Activities Director       Principal

    Cafeteria/Food            Food-Service                Building Principal          Superintendent

    Community Ed.              Advisor/Coach             Comm. Ed. Director       Superintendent

    Curriculum/Testing      Curriculum Director      Building Principal          Superintendent

    Custodial/Cleaning       Buildings/Grounds        Building Principal          Superintendent

    Health Services            School Nurse                Building Principal          Superintendent

    Mental Health              Counselor                     Building Principal          Superintendent

    Parent                          Teacher/Coach            Principal/AD                Superintendent

    Student                        Teacher                       Building Principal          Superintendent

    Taxes/Budget              Business Manager         Superintendent

    We’ll make every attempt to provide solutions and resolutions, but realize the outcomes may not be satisfactory to all of the parties involved.  It is also important to note that federal and state law on data privacy and confidentiality restricts us from providing anything but public information on our student population.  A resolution to everyone’s satisfaction level may not be easy, but we’ll exhaust every attempt in doing so.



    Department                    Name          Number

    Activities/Athletics                 Dave Schneider @ 453-2900 ext. 1159

    Community Education             Kris Latcham @ 453-2925 ext. 1039

    Counselor                              Shelby Sawyer @ 453-2900 ext. 1202

    Curriculum/Testing                 Melissa Notch @ 453-2900 ext. 1114

    Custodial/Buildings                 Ralph Lambert @ 453-2900 ext. 1170

    Elementary Principal               Rob Pederson @ 453-2900 ext. 2124

    Food Service                          Jessica Haying @ 453-2900 ext. 1106

    Health Services                       Anno Johnson @ 453-2900 ext. 2135

    Secondary Principal                 Bruce Kiehn @ 453-2900 ext. 1141

    Superintendent                       Mark Messman @ 453-2900 ext. 1143

    Tax & Budget                          Cathy Wuertz @ 453-2900 ext. 1144